Face-to-face sessions are spaced 30min apart to allow time for sanitising and cleaning between each person.

Online Telehealth sessions are available and are just as effective as visiting the clinic with quality time spent with each client to heal and nurture your mind and body. 

To book, just click on the link below and indicate in the comments which you prefer. 

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Welcome to Energy Kinesiology

Are YOU looking to experience:

  • Sense of clarity and peace of mind?

  • Less pain?

  • Understanding the cause of YOUR health issues (physical and mental)?

  • Step by step solutions to overcome those issues?

  • Having an affordable nutritional protocol to follow?


At Energy Kinesiology we are dedicated to offering a range of effective non-invasive, safe therapies that are proven to help you to gain optimal health. 

The therapies we use include Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki Healing, Emotional Release, Dry Needling, Moxa, Cupping and Acupressure.

We also offer Integrative Pathology Tests (Nutripath Lab), and Hair Tissue Mineral Testing (Interclinical Labs)

About Elly - Your Holistic Health Care Practitioner

Advanced Dip Holistic Kinesiology, Certified in Applied Kinesiology, NET (neuro-emotional technique), CLP (certified LifeLine practitioner), Certified Dry Needling, Reiki Master 

Helping people was always my passion since I was little. Growing in Russia, we did not have alternative therapies as such, but my grandmother and my mum are always have been using folks remedies to cure all the ailments. I have grown up never having antibiotics or any other drugs. 

I went to study Speech Therapy in the University in Russia, and after completing it worked with children for 8 years which i loved, before I came to Australia, 

And here in Sydney i was given an opportunity to study Kinesiology and so many other wonderful modalities.

My life has changed in such an amazing ways. I live my dream, helping my clients (adults and kids) to live a fuller, healthier lives



Here you will find alternative and natural therapies allowing you to improve every 
aspects of your daily life and your future wellbeing. 


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Applied & Holistic

Ask about your Health Fund Rebate!

Sessions are available in person and via skype.

• Adults - Initial Consultation: 1.5hr - $150 Follow up: 1hr - $120

• Package: Complete Balanced Mind and Body - 5 sessions - $550 
(including initial consultation (save $80)** 

• Kids - Initial Consultation: 45min - $90 Follow up: 30min - $70

** If you have decided to take up this offer after your first initial consultation, pay only $400 for the remaining
4 sessions.
 This offer is valid for 6 months after your first session.



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Energy Kinesiology

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Skype sessions now available.