Applied & Holisitic Kinesiology

The science of Kinesiology incorporates a range of natural, non-invasive and complementary therapies.

In Kinesiology we use a method of bio feedback (muscle monitoring) to provide an understanding of any imbalances physical, emotional, bio-chemical or energetic and find a best treatment to overcome the problem.

The correction process may draw upon any number of applied therapeutic tools to enhance the mind-body transition. 

How does Kinesiology work?

Many people have difficulty overcoming  bereavement, physical or emotional trauma, abuse, difficult family situation etc. This can cause emotional problems in the future: like panic attacks, depression, lack of confidence, hopelessness, chronic pain

Kinesiology can pinpoint the cause. An experienced kinesiologist possesses extensive understanding of the connection between various muscle groups and the organs, cells and hormonal activities and help you to achieve a Healthy Balance. 

What you can expect:

During your consultation with Elly, a session will be designed that is based upon your particular needs and to provide the best strategies towards a Healthier Life.


Kinesiology is proven to help with:

Digestive Issues (Feeling Bloated, Food Sensitivities, Constipation, Diarrhoea)

Modern Life's  Stresses 


Women’s Health

Children’s Health

Learning difficulties

Fear of ageing 


Relationship challenges 

Acute & Chronic Physical Pain

Fatigue & Chronic Tiredness

Sabotaging Behaviours 

Headaches & Insomnia

Loss of confidence

Coping with Change

Co-ordination & Balance

Learning Difficulties

Generally feeling unwell

Grief, Loss & Trauma

Fears & phobias

Work-Life imbalance

The LifeLine Technique - The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude

The Lifeline technique enables you to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind. It is an integrative healing process which looks at every symptom, stress or disease as being rooted in your subconscious, creating an emotional pattern of reaction. When this pattern is active it can cause behavioural and biological changes in the body, mind and spirit. During the session with Elly we seek to identify the emotional, biochemical, or structural source of the problem or the “root cause.” It is only through this identification process that you can release yourself from your pain and begin the healing process. Through this process you will learn to read the language of your body and awaken your authentic power of transformation. It will directly impact your health, your relationships and your overall wellbeing.

Our journey together will help you to recognise the difference between conscious active states of being and subconscious reactive patterns and limiting belief programs. 


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NET Neuro-Emotional Technique 

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is a proven blend of the latest scientific research and centuries-old Eastern healing techniques. NET acknowledges the relationship between the body’s emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance and structural integrity. It is a methodology used to normalise unresolved physical and/or behavioural patterns in the body that has enabled our patients to enjoy better health and emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. It is believed that a person’s “chi” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health.  When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness.


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Healthy diet is one that is arrived at with the intent of improving or maintaining optimal health. This usually involves consuming nutrients by eating the appropriate amounts from all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water. Since human nutrition is complex, a healthy diet may vary widely, and is subject to an individual's genetic makeup, environment, and health. For around 20% of the human population, lack of food and malnutrition are the main impediments to healthy eating. Conversely, people in developed countries have the opposite problem; concern is often not about volume of food but appropriate choices.

A three-decade long study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, found that Guatemalan men who had been well-fed soon after they were born earned almost 50% more in average salary than those who had not. The blind trial was performed by giving a high-nutrition supplement to some infants and a lower-nutrition supplement to others, with only the researchers knowing which infants received which supplements. The infants that received the high-nutrition supplement had higher average salaries as adults.


Dry Needling - V - Acupuncture

Dry needling is really helpful when treating a large area of muscle tension and acute pain. When patients who are sensitive to touch and in acute pain often find dry needling extremely effective as their tightness can be released with minimal hands-on therapy. It is Very effective, Painless, Safe way to treat the acute or chronic pain.

Dry needling, cupping, moxa and kinesiology treatment, Scaner/Denas Therapy  in combination can give you permanent pain relief. 

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tool that uses the theory of meridians and the placement of needles is targeted at restoring the body’s qi flow. Qi is the flow of yin and yang and, by restoring this balance, acupuncturists aim to improve systemic medical pathologies. Acupuncture is very commonly used for pain management with chronic conditions.  

Sessions are available in person and via skype.

• Adults - Initial Consultation: 1.5hr - $150 Follow up: 1hr - $120

• Package: Complete Balanced Mind and Body - 5 sessions - $550 
(including initial consultation (save $80)** 

• Kids - Initial Consultation: 45min - $90 Follow up: 30min - $70

** If you have decided to take up this offer after your first initial consultation, pay only $400 for the remaining
4 sessions.
 This offer is valid for 6 months after your first session.

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