What causes pain / inflammation in the body and how is it connected

SO WHAT CAUSES PAIN / INFLAMMATION? Well, apart from physical injury (like a sprained ankle or twisted back), there are 2 major sources of inflammation in the body. A) The digestive system. B) The immune system. So when you have chronic pain that doesn’t go away, or if it keeps coming back, then one or both of these systems are most likely involved. Digestive System: People present in my clinic have all sort of issues - pain, tiredness, headaches, hormone troubles, insomnia, depression, anxiety, concentration problems… I found that in every case the underlying issue was and is GUT and stress. Hippocrates, (the father of modern medicine) said “All disease begins in the gut” and in my experience he is right. So how does inflammation starts? 1) Do you know anyone who has never taken antibiotics in their lives. Antibiotics are taken when we have a bacterial infection, killing all the bacteria in the gut. If we have never restored the healthy gut bacteria (no matter how long ago you took the antibiotics) it is hard for your body to restore itself. Often we end up having the wrong bugs in our GUT. What does this means? Well when we eat, our body fails to digest the food properly, and it can’t deal with the toxic waste of digestion. This often stresses our liver and is a major source of chronic inflammation. 2) The other thing that causes gut inflammation are foods that we react to. When you have True food allergies it’s fairly obvious - you eat something and then have an immediate reaction. Maybe you feel sick, or break out in a rash. That sends a clear message - to stay away from that food. However most of the time people have food sensitivities, which is often not so obvious. Often there are no immediate symptoms to alert you to the problem. Sometimes your body will react only once you reach a certain threshold… so eating something once a day may be ok, but twice a day can accumulate the inflammation and causes pain. Often people can’t connect their pain to what they have eaten, - Maybe we just feel tired and grumpy the next day, - Maybe our brain gets foggy, - Or maybe we have some kind skin condition (a common result of undiagnosed food intolerances). Whatever the symptoms are, they all begin as inflammatory response in the GUT. The inflammation causes a “leaky” GUT, It is when particles of undigested food, microbes and toxins are able to cross through the lining of your gut into your blood stream. Whats happens after: When this happens your blood became toxic and as a result your immune system steps in, It recognises these foods, microbes and toxins as foreign invaders, so it launches an attack with…Guess what?… INFLAMMATION! This is where the second major source of inflammation comes into play. The Immune System. The problem is that this response isn’t limited to our gut. It affects our whole body. That’s when people come into the clinic with a long list of pains and complaints. Because their inflammation becomes systemic. Most people experience good and bad days with their symptoms and usually their physical problem don't go away. What does change is the level of inflammation present in their body, with the level increasing or decreasing depending on what they have eaten or what toxins or stress they have been exposed too. This is why simply addressing the mechanical cause of the pain or just treating the local area will only produce temporary results...as you are only dealing with half the issue. Conclusion: When it comes to chronic pain and aches, we need to work out what is the true cause of that inflammation, it maybe be simply physical trauma or the Gut/ Immune system response. See a Kinesiologist who can determine if you have any allergies or food sensitivities, or some toxic level of pathogens that your immune system is attacking itself causing inflammation - pain.

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