What role emotions play in the health of our body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consider our emotions can cause dis-ease in our bodies.

Emotional responses are when we react to external stimuli and it persistently plays over and over in our minds such as anxiety, anger, resentment, grief, fear and it includes repressed emotions which can cause serious injury to our internal organs.

We get affected by our emotions every day. Just sit in front of the news for a few minutes and see how your emotional state gets stirred up so quickly.

Short term emotional responses to external stimuli can be healthy as a part of fight-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system; however sustained excessive anxiety, worry, anger or grief can weaken our immune system and allow pathogenic energies to enter our bodies causing damage to our Meridian system and adversely affecting the blood and chi flow, which subsequently affects our internal organs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers seven emotions which cause this kind of disturbance as listed below:


Although Joy sounds like a very positive emotion, when Joy becomes extreme it can lead to energy blocks in the Heart Meridian causing anxiety, agitation, insomnia and heart palpitations.


Under the umbrella emotion of anger we can find many causes such as Resentment, Frustration and Irritability etc. An excess of rich and spicy food can make us prone to anger.

Anger also affects our Liver by causing the stagnation of Liver Chi. When we experience prolonged strong emotions Liver Chi starts rising, resulting in Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Dizziness and Indigestion. Stagnant Liver Chi with time will affect Stomach and Spleen Chi, causing all sorts of digestive troubles.


When someone feels anxious our Chi become blocked, this injures our Lung Meridian which controls our breathing. Therefore when anxious we feel short of breath, because the Lung Meridian is coupled with the Large Intestine Meridian. People with anxiety are prone to Bowel Ulceration, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive disorders.

Excessive Thinking

These days we are constantly overstimulated by our external environment, which can cause overthinking. The organ affected by overthinking is the Spleen which is weakened and causes Fatigue, Lethargy, and an inability to concentrate and retain new information.


A normal expression of grief happens through sobbing, which involves deep exaltation and inhalation. However if grief remains unresolved over time it weakens the Lung Chi, causing weak Immunity, frequent Minor Illnesses and an inability to breath deeply.


Fear is a normal emotion, but when it becomes chronic and the perceived cause of the Fear cannot be directly addressed, then this is likely to weaken you Kidney Chi causing frequent Urination, copious amounts of clear urine, incontinence, enuresis, seminal emission, or miscarriages.


Fright is distinguished from fear by its sudden, unexpected nature. Fright primarily affects the Heart Meridian, especially in the initial stages, but if it persists for some time it becomes Fear and moves to affect the Kidney Meridian.


In Kinesiology muscle bio feedback is utilised to look at imbalances in Meridian Flow that may be causing dis-ease in the body. The process aims to detect and correct those imbalances that may relate to emotional, biochemical and environmental stress, nutrition or even minor injuries.

Kinesiology is not used to diagnose disorders but by a thorough examination (depending on the qualifications of your therapist) subtle imbalances can be identified and corrected. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal through correct nutrition, emotional release and reduced toxic load. There will often be a list of home support for you to do between sessions and follow-up work may be required as your life goals change.

If you are interested in a consultation, please book an appointment through our website.

We offer a free 30 min consultation before you commit to our Kinesiology treatment.


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