Dry Needling V's Acupuncture

Dry Needling V's Acupuncture

Dry Needling is really helpful when treating a large area of muscle tension and acute pain. When patients who are sensitive to touch and in acute pain often find dry needling extremely effective as their tightness can be released with minimal hands-on therapy.

It is Very effective, Painless, Safe way to treat the acute or chronic pain.

Dry needling, cupping, moxa and kinesiology treatment, Scaner/Denas Therapy in combination can give you permanent pain relief.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine tool that uses the theory of meridians and the placement of needles is targeted at restoring the body’s qi flow. Qi is the flow of yin and yang and, by restoring this balance, acupuncturists aim to improve systemic medical pathologies. Acupuncture is very commonly used for pain management with chronic conditions.

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